Pastors & Staff

Justin Moore

Head Pastor

Hi!  This is Pastor Justin Moore. Thank you for stopping by and looking.  I would like to personally invite you to come and experience what we have to offer.  The preaching and the teaching of God's Word is to challenge you, build you, and equip you into the right understanding of who you are in Christ.

Alex Anderson

Associate Pastor

Alex Anderson is Excalibar. Excalibar means the sword that cannot be broken.
It also represents the word of God. Alex
"Excalibar" Anderson will perform live and almost anywhere. He states you name the place and I will be there. When listening to any artist Alex recommends that you listen to the lyrics that's what is really important. Light Rider Crew began as an artistic crew in '05, specializing in hip-hop music with Christ related content. Many of the members of the crew have expanded that mission. September 11, 2013 Alex Anderson decided to launch the independent label, Light Rider Music. Light Rider Music believes that there's a market for the truth. Excalibar's music reflects his faith and everyday reality while creating good music. Fans of Excalibar are very familiar with his high energy and party vibe. Also for the everyday issues and complexities of being in the faith. Some of his most memorable albums consist of God is Good, No Refunds, Where's the men, Pyramids to projects, and many more.

Deedra Moore

Worship Pastor, Women’s Ministry Coordinator and Teacher

Born in the fires of Pentecost, Deedra's desire is to lead by spreading that fire that continues to burn inside of her.  She was created to worship and sings to an audience of One.  Her genuine love for the Lord and for the people she serves is evident. She leads with a Passion and sincere desire to show people how to live an abundant, joyful life. 

Jessie & Justice Waterson


Our youth are the future leaders of generations to come. We, as youth pastors, believe that it is important to lead and guide the youth in love and grace. Our goal is to equip, teach, and connect with the youth. We are deeply passionate about helping each of them to grow and learn in their own personal relationship with Christ.